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Southlake, TX

Practice Records

Band Practice Records are an important part of the DIS Band curriculum. Band Practice Records are required and are counted towards the nine weeks grade. Students in each ensemble are expected to make improvement on their instrument outside of rehearsal and to dedicate a minimum amount of time to their instrument each day. Parents are asked to be active partners in their child’s music learning by encouraging a set time each day to practice (it is highly recommended that students practice early in the morning or right as they get home from school for optimum learning) and by signing off on the amount of minutes per day that their child has practiced. This partnership is crucial to ensure that students make satisfactory progress on their instrument and that parents and students are aware of the time commitments needed to ensure a successful band experience.

Our philosphy of practice can be summed up in the following quote:

      If you practice, you get better.
      If you get better, you play with better players.
      If you play with better players, you play better music.
      If you play better music, you have more fun.
      If you have fun, you want to practice more.
                If you practice more, you get better…
                 – Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Playing Records are always due on the second day of the school week and are recorded each week in the gradebook. Students may count time spent on SmartMusic, private lessons and band concerts and clinics toward practice time (please see Practice Record for details). The late work policy for each campus (CMS & DIS) is in effect for all Practice Records.


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